Single Instruments, Full Band, Solo Artists, Singers, Horn Sections, Voice Overs, Over Dubs, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Accordion, Piano,
Tuning Tracks, Comping, Time Aligning, Tempo Mapping, Track Cleaning, Session Cleaning,
Multi Track, Stems, Single Tracks, Radio Ready Releases, Commercial Releases, Demos, Rough Mixes
Single Mastering, Album Mastering, Mastering for Digital Release. Mastering for CD Release

Production (one of the most valuable things you can do to your music)
Song Writing, Lyric Changes, Melody Changes, Arrangement, Sound Replacement, Vocal Coaching, Performance Coaching, Song Guidance

Other Services for Engineers
Remote Assistant: Tune lead vocals and backup vocals. Clean up drums and edit individual tracks for proper in and out playback and fades.
Mixing Session Setups: Have your session cleaned up, organized and set up ready to go with your template or favorite plugins ready to go for you to begin mixing immediately
Drum Aligning: Get your drums mapped out to a click track with beat detective and align all drums to grid.

Studio Manager / Engineer
Janeth Romero -